FANUC A02B-0060-C033

  • 14 inch colour CRT/MDI unit 6M
  • Keyboard: A20B-1000-0390
  • CRT: A61L-0001-0074
  • Graphics PCB: A20B-1000-0480
  • PSU: A20B-1001-0160
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Fanuc A02B-0060-C033 CRT/MDI unit. This unit is a 14 inch colour CRT/MDI unit made by Fanuc. A02B0060C033 is a MDI panel comprising a 14 inch colour CRT monitor (A61L-0001-0074), with 2 hard keyed keyboard; (main A20B10000390 A3501000T382) fitted in front of A20B10010160 PSU and A20B10000480 graphic PCB. The complete colour MDI/CRT is in stock, and so are the individual component parts which are all in stock. We’ve even sold a fascia surround in the past to help a customer tidy his machine and flog, etc. Used on the Fanuc 6M, 6MB control systems.

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