FANUC A02B-0087-C203

  • 14 inch green and CRT/MDI unit 00P / M
  • Man Machine Control
  • Graphics PCB: A20B-1002-0700, A20B-1002-0710
  • PSU: A20B-1001-0930
  • Membrane: A98L-0001-0555#A 02
  • CRT: A61L-0001-0074#A
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Fanuc A02B-0087-C203 CRT/MDI Unit. This unit comprises a 14 inch and CRT/MDI section with a built in MMC man machine control system, A61L-0001-0074#A CRT monitor, PSU: A20B-1001-0930, A20B-1002-0710, A20B-1002-0700, A20B-1001-0870, A20B-1001-0880 and lastly A98L-0001-0555#A02 membrane. This crt/mdi is for the 00P and 00M controls, running Amada punch press machines.

DNC do carry the complete CRT/MDI unit as well offer the individual components that make up the MAN MACHINE CONTROL 00M panel such as the CRT monitor, keyboard, power supply unit listed above all of which are in stock. DNC also supply a new DNC74A replacement monitor for the A02B0087C203.

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