FANUC A02B-0094-C043

  • 14 inch CRT/MDI parts available
  • A02B0094C043 15TT, 15-TF
  • CRT, keyboards or membranes
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Fanuc A02B-0094-C043 CRT/MDI Unit. This unit is a 14 inch colour CRT/MDI unit made by Fanuc. A02B0094C043 is a MDI panel comprising a 14 inch colour CRT monitor (a61L-0001-0094), with 2 sets of keyboards; (A86L-0001-0151) and accompanying membranes (A98L-0001-0630 and A98L-0001-0646#). The complete colour MDI/CRT is currently not available for sale as its part of our 15-TF test rig allowing testing of FAPT based series 15’s. All of the component parts are in stock. This CRT/MDI is specific to the Fanuc series 15-TT and 15-TF controllers allowing twin turret or FAPT control. Locate your part number of the part you need and put in our search bar.

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