FANUC A02B-0098-C045/MBR

  • Small 9 inch mono CRT/MDI panel
  • A02B0098C045MBR with 0-M, 0-MC
  • Keyboard: A86L-0001-0125#A
  • Membrane: A98L-0001-0518#MR 0629
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Fanuc A02B-0098-C045/MBR 9 inch CRT/MDI unit. This small CRT/MDI is monochrome 9″ normally fitted on Fanuc 0-MC that required 2 axis control. This unit is fitted with A61L-0001-0093 CRT, A86L-0001-0125#A keyboard and A98L-0001-0518#MR membrane. DNC currently do not carry this Fanuc CRT/MDI for sale. However we do carry all of its electronics parts such as the monitor, keyboard and non electrical such as the membrane keysheets for this A02B0098C045MBR unit.

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