FANUC A61L-0001-0078

  • System P Model G Mono CRT
  • A61L00010078 = DNC 78
  • DNC78 with 2 year warranty.
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FANUC A61L-0001-0078 replacements have been rebuilt by DNC since 2001. Hence DNC using all the knowledge gained repairing Fanuc CRT monitors from 1995 onwards become the first CNC electronics company to design and build a successful replacement for this 12″ monochrome CRT monitor fitted in System P Model G controls. We do not ship kits that are untested, etc. We offer two options either a rebuild of your A61L-0001-0078 while also testing the rest of your System P Model G or a new LED based DNC78 with a 2 year warranty, which is exchanged for your old monitor to re-use the OEM metalwork.

A61L00010078 equivalent replacement known by our customers and us as the DNC 78 is POA. Our DNC78 is built on demand as its quite a rare monitor nowadays. We also offer the power supply unit, graphics PCB and main system PCB (assuming they are in stock). If the CRT display is not at fault, obviously we can fault find what is on your system P model G with mono graphics.

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2 Year Warranty

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