FANUC A02B-0163-C374

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  • Fully test on Fanuc systems – 2 year warranty
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FANUC A02B-0163-C374 replacements have been built by DNC since 2006. DNC were the first independent CNC electronic specialist to design and build a successful rebuild / replacement for the 10.4″ LCD/MDI panel for the Fanuc 15M controls. Normally this panel run with the Fanuc 15-A generation controls though on occasion was setup to run with the 15-MA or 15-TA.

The A02B0163C374 equivalent replacement known by our customers and us as the DNC 163L374 costs £995.00 GBP. We require that you send the complete LCD/MDI unit to us, so that we can strip out the old faulty Fanuc display section and fit in our propriety LED based panel and driver system. This is absolute current generation technology and not reliant on outdated and B grade LCD systems that other supposed non CNC based monitor experts and fleebay are trying to palm off as a solution too all your display woes. Then we can test the LCD/MDI unit in our own Fanuc system test rigs to ensure that the display section and the MDI keyboard and under screen keyboard are fully functioning as part of the service. With the display section backed up with a 2 year warranty. Our off the shelve replacement monitors and internal rebuild / retrofits of obsolete monitors are second to none.

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