FANUC A02B-0200-C062#TBR

  • Series 16-T 9.5″ LCD/MDI colour 12 key
  • Same Day / 24 hour rebuild – no problems.
  • Fault diagnosis, testing on DNC 200L062t
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FANUC A02B-0200-C062#TBR replacements have been built by DNC since 2010. DNC are one of the first CNC electronic specialist to successfully design and rebuild this display on a same day basis for the 0200-C062#TBR LCD/MDI panel on the Fanuc Series 16-T controls.

A02B0200C062#TBR equivalent replacement known by our customers and us as the DNC 200L062t costs are POA and is a special drop in replacement system for the old FANUC LCD display within the LCD/MDI unit.

As this unit requires more involvement from ourselves this is a ship to base. We will then test and confirm faults and advise a course of action. If required then either replace the panel, backlight inverter, driver PCB or install our proprietry system, test and setup on one of our 16 test rigs. The rebuilt version changes code and carries a 2 year warranty. The original OEM unit is a 9.5″ colour monitor. The DNC200L062t display uses a larger far more modern LED back-lite 10.4″ panel for excellent view in strong ambient light and far superior picture.

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