FANUC A16B-2300-0082

  • LCD Driver PCB
  • 8.4″ LCD/MDI Unit
  • FS-16, 18, 21 controls.
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FANUC A16B-2300-0082 Control PCB for LCD. This driver PCB interfaces back to the Fanuc 15, 16, 18, 21 CNC control series. This is the main display board for the 8.4″ monochrome or colour LCD panel from either the stand alone or the LCD/MDI panels and units. Fitted on A02B-0120-C061, among others.

DNC carries stock of this particular LCD control board. If you are not sure whether this driver PCB, LCD panel, backlight or inverter is faulty then ship the LCD/MDI unit to us for inspection, test, repair and if required full rebuild using our very latest LED system with a 2 year warranty.

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