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FANUC A16B-1212-0950

  • Exchange = £795.00
  • New Replacement UNIT A1 CE DNC950
  • 0-MC, 0-MD, 0-MF, 0-TC, 0-TD, 0-TF
  • A16B12120950 testing available.

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Fanuc A16B-1212-0950 Power Supply Unit. UNIT A1 CE Power Supply Unit for Fanuc System 0-C, 0-MC, 0-TC control Series. We offer one of the following services: new replacement, new exchange and full testing services if required.

Our new replacement DNC950 for the A16B-1212-0950 carries a 2 year warranty. We spent 2 years developing our replacement Power Supply Unit for the original fitted on the 0-C / 0-D / 0-F generations of the 0-Series controls. Our equivalent A1 unit has gone through rigorous testing on many of our differing 0-C/D rigs within our systems, drives and motor departments. From our simple older half size 16bit 0-TC and 0-MC through too 32 bit half and full size 0-MC, 0-MD, 0-TC, 0-TD onto serial half and full size 486 based 0D and 0MF/0TF config’s and other variations. Further we have loaded up the controls with PMC-M, Graphics, Sub CPU, 5/6th and 7/8th axes additional peripheral PCBs to make sure our Power Supply Unit can cope. Our A16B-1212-0950 replacement is more powerful and not symptomatic of the burnouts we repaired in the original.

The DNC0950 offers a significantly cheaper alternative to a NEW A16B-1212-0950 Power Supply Unit and still cheaper than most other refurbished units (exchange or outright) on the market. Further we offer a New exchange to increase cost savings in the long run. Backed up with a 2 year warranty. If your unsure about whether your Power Supply Unit is faulty then please ship yours to us and we’ll test and advise!

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