FANUC A16B-1210-0810

  • Zero B series PMC-M PCB
  • 0-MB, 0-TB, sometimes large model A
  • A16B12100810 testing, exchange, repair
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Fanuc A16B-1210-0810 PMC-M PCB. This board is an extended PLC ladder (programmable machine controller) which is loaded up onto the board containing more eproms that the standard PMC-L on the masterboard offers. These boards are normally fitted on more complicated 0-B or zero model B controllers. Occasionally they are fitted on digital 0-A controls, allowing either to process far more mc functions beyond the standard PMC-L. The A16B12100810 PMC-M PCB is a electrical interface ROM board for the 0-B controller. DNC have stock of the Fanuc PMC-M ROM board for Exchange, testing is available for fault diagnosis

This board was designed to run on 0-MB, 0-MA, 0-TB, 0-TTB, 0-TA etc and more. As with all control system PCBs (unless new) warranty is 180 days on exchange or repaired cards.

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180 Day Warranty

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