FANUC A20B-1002-0901

  • Fanuc 10 CRT/MDI 14″GRAPH.CONT
  • FS-10TF, FS-11TF colour displays
  • A20B10020901 in stock
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Fanuc 20B-1002-0901 CRT Controller Board is the Colour 14 inch CRT video PCB for digital Fanuc 10 and 11 CNC’ss. The A20B-1002-0901 can drive dual Fanuc colour 14 inch colour CRT for more visual intensive information exchange on the HMI or the CRT/MDI unit. DNC usually have the A20B10020901 in stock and its siblings the 0850 and 0852, 0900 in stock.

DNC offer a full service for the A20B-1002-0901 Fanuc graphics driver board, including exchange to save money, testing and repair of the GRP video board and the 10TF / 11TF / 100 / 110 control systems.

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