FANUC A16B-1010-0051

  • FANUC 11 F/O Master Board
  • FS-11, FS-11M, FS-11T
  • A16B10100051 Exchange, Test and Repair
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Fanuc A16B-1010-0051 Series 11 Master PCB is the first generation of the Fanuc 11 main boards. The system designation is Fanuc 11M, 11T, 11P, 11G and come with the facilities to drive 4 axis and 1 spindle, though additional axis can be fitted for larger machine tool configurations. This board is analogue and can drive basic 9″ mono graphics, 12″ and 14″ colour monitors dependant on what graphic systems is used. This board comes with fibre optic FO link to the input output system or the graphics driver board. The A16B-1010-0051 comes with a bubble memory system ranging from 32Kb to 2MB (Fanuc bubble memory available). Fapt and memory boards can be fitted, peripheral plug in I/O and external input output boards are also available if the A16B-1010-0051 is not the problem. DNC offer a variety of services for the A16B-1010-0051 – Call for Prices – Warranty is 180 days ! Service Exchange, Repair, Testing and Used and sometimes ex-stock surplus spares are available on A16B-1010-0051 mother boards. DNC always have stock of the A16B-1010-0051.

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