FANUC A02B-0130-B515

  • 18-MA Control System
  • CNC Machining Centre



Fanuc A02B-0130-B515 control. This GE Fanuc series 18-MA control is a complete CNC. Includes power supply (normally a A16B-1212-0871), main CPU board with plugin SMD’s for various functions and options, option slot for ethernet or HSSB or I/O card and loads of SMD’s plugged in throughout the system cards. This system support 3 or 4 axis control in a milling configuration and is normally fitted on machining centre.

We dont supply complete controls. However we can test and repair yours. We we do carry thousands of 16/  18 series main boards and SMD plug in cards and modules and can work through your faulty control to find the suspected issue. Offering services such as replacing the CPU processor, memory DRAM, FROM, SRAM, GRAPHICS, AXS, SPINDLE smd’s and then testing to make sure the system runs. DNC also supply various FANUC fans and FANUC battery for this control

If you do require the complete control system or repair of your A02B0130B515 then contact us to go through all the options.

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