FANUC A16B-2200-0900

  • System 16A Main CPU card
  • Series 16-MA, 16-PA
  • Supplied with NO smd modules.



Fanuc A16B-2200-0900 MAIN CPU board. Fitted on Fanuc series 16-MA, 16-PA and other 16A control variants. This main card / masterboard can have many SMD modules plugged in which dictate what type of 16A it is. As well as storing the system memory, ladder, and programs. The 16A main is fitted on controls with reference: A02B-0100-B515, A02B-0120-B531, etc.

The A16B22000900 main board is capable of running up to 6 axes and be part of a considerably larger machining cell of CNC machines. DNC offer a warranty if 180 days on Fanuc 16/18/21 main boards. This board is supplied with no SMD modules, as these are MTM specific.


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