FANUC A02B-0210-B502

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Fanuc A02B-0210-B502 Control. This series 21-TB system is a complete CNC control system. One slot for a faster A16B-2203-0045 I/O and built on PSU. The 2nd card is the main CPU A16B-3200-0020, which unlike the bigger controls: 18/16 series, controls the machine. This system supports 2 axis control and is normally fitted on CNC lathe such as Hardinge, etc

Wouldn’t it be great if we could offer an out the box 21-T too sit in place of your current problem control system. If you require the complete control maybe look at retrofit options with your local CNC service engineer. However we do carry many of 20 / 21 series cards and modules. Such as replacing the CPU processor (main board if in stock), various memory FROM, SRAM, GRAPHICS, AXS, SPINDLE smd’s and then testing to make sure its good. DNC also supply fanuc cooling fans for this system.

If you do require the complete control system or repair of your A02B0210B511 then contact us to go through all the options.

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