FANUC A20B-0007-0070

  • FANUC 6 CRT Graphics PUNCH
  • FS-6M, FS-6T
  • A20B00070070
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Fanuc A20B-0007-0070 Graphic board and Puncher interface driver is capable of controlling the Green 9″ CRT monitor unit and giving the Fanuc 6 control RS232 communication capabilities. The A20B-0007-0070 can drive a Fanuc 9″ Mono CRT for visual information exchange on the CRT/MDI unit. DNC always have the A20B-0007-0070 as well other 6 Graphics boards and boards specific to the Fanuc 6 Series controls. DNC offer a full service for the A20B00070070 CRTC/PUNCHER board, including exchange to save money, testing and repair of the video communications board and the 6 control systems.

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