FANUC A20B-1001-0270

  • CRT/MDI 53 hard key Horizontal
  • Fits on 10T, 11T controls, etc.
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Fanuc A20B-1001-0270 Keyboard. This 53 hard key keyboard sits below the CRT  in front of the PSU and graphics card on Fanuc 14″ CRT/MDI unit. This horizontal keyboard is normally fitted with the 14 inch colour CRT monitor A61L-0001-0074, and in front of the A20B-1001-0160 and the A20B-1000-0850 graphics PCB. Normally fitted with Fanuc SYSTEM 10T or 11T.

DNC offers A20B10010270 keyboard as exchange or for outright sale if spares available. Further extensive testing facilities either on the keyboard, or the complete 14 inch colour CRT/MDI panel. DNC can can replace both this keyboard, membrane, CRT, graphics PCB or psu if present, fascia surround, etc. As well as repair.

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