FANUC A98L-0001-0568#M02

  • 54 key MDI Membrane cover
  • A98L00010568 original
  • Fits on 0-M / 15 MDI/CRT Unit
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Fanuc A98L-0001-0568#M02 Membrane. This 54 key membrane is for CRT/MDI panels and units for Fanuc zero and 15 series controls. Normally fitted on standard size 9″ MDI’s and accompanies the 7 key keysheet A98L-0001-0629 membrane positioned under the CRT. This particular membrane is fitted normally on the left of the CRT. The controls that this membrane was fitted in are 0M versions 0M-C, 0M-A, and 0M-B. M designation was normally used for machining centres, grinders and some punch presses. This membrane was also fitted with earlier Fanuc 15 series controls.

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