FANUC A20B-8001-0920

  • Backlight inverter: 16i, 18i, 21i, 0iB
  • A20B80010920 in stock.



Fanuc A20B-8001-0920 Inverter PCB. This inverter is fitted on FANUC i series controls (including 0iA, 0iB, 16i, 18i, 20i, 21i) only with a Fanuc LCD 10.4″ colour monitor installed on a integrated i series controller as well stand alone digital LCD/MDI units. The A20B80010920 powers the backlight for the LCD panel either the NEC NL6448 series or the Sharp LQ10 series displays.

DNC carries extensive stocks of this backlight inverter and further can test to ensure it is faulty and not the i series main / master board, or the driver PCB if in a standalone LCD/MDI. Fanuc Inverters are supplied outright by DNC and carry a 180 day warranty or 12 month warranty if new.

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