Machine down, need Fanuc parts ?

Fanuc DC Drive

Fanuc DC Drive

Fanuc DC drive units are offered by DNC. Though we have in the past supported every Fanuc DC drive manufactured, we no longer support the following: Fanuc VCU series 6035 & 6045 thyristor based drives. Nor do we support the 6041 DC spindle units. We do however support the 6047 DC velocity control unit; both dual and single axis and have a very thorough stock.

DNC covers most, and has a very large stock of these drives. Services offered by DNC are service exchange, testing, repair facilities and stock dependent used surplus outright spares.

  • Fanuc Velocity Control Unit: 6047

DNC also support yellow cap DC axis motor models: 00M, 0M, 5M, 10M, 20M and 30M