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Fanuc 3 Control System or the FS-3 series of main control boards, graphic boards, axis boards, input output systems and other Fanuc 3 parts such as keyboards for Fanuc 3 MDI/CRT and operator panels assuming they are Fanuc. Fanuc 3 controls, include the Fanuc 3A, 3B, 3M, 3T, 3MF, 3TF, systems with a 9" green mono or, 12" mono and 12" colour graphics driver and monitors, as well as I/O, bubble memory boards and ROM boards. DNC offer 3 board exchange, FS-3 system repair and testing, new parts - such as fuses, and used surplus boards and units from the Fanuc 3 control system.

fanuc 3 master main board       fanuc 3 power supply unit and monitor
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Fanuc 3 Main PCB Fanuc 3 Graphics Boards Fanuc 3 FAPT Fanuc 3 PC Options Fanuc 3 PSU Fanuc 3 Monitors
A16B-1000-0010 A16B-1100-0040 A16B-1000-0100 A20B-0008-0630 PC1 A14B-0061-B001 A61L-0001-0072
A20B-0008-0200 A16B-1100-0060 A16B-1000-0320 A20B-0008-0640 PC2 A14B-0067-B001 A61L-0001-0073
        A14B-0061-B102 A61L-0001-0077
  Fanuc 3 ROM Board Fanuc 3 Add. Memory   A14B-0061-B103  
  A16B-1200-0150 A16B-1200-0220   A14B-0061-B104  

Warranty is 180 days from DNC on Fanuc 3 master boards and control system cards.

We are an Independant Company. We are not affiliated to: Fanuc Ltd, GE Fanuc Europe. All trademarks are acknowledged.
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