FANUC A02B-0057-C008

  • 13 inch green mono CRT/MDI unit 3T
  • Keyboard: A350-0009-T772 A20B-0009-0750
  • QWERTY: A02R-0057-0001 (N86D-8002-R061/01)
  • MD1: A20B-0009-0760
  • CRT: TR13-DG1C
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Fanuc A02B-0057-C008 CRT/MDI Unit. This unit comprises a 13 inch green CRT/MDI section with a built in Fanuc QWERTY keyboard (A02R-0057-0001), TR13-DG1C CRT monitor, A350-0009-T772 keyboard with A350-0009-0750 interface controller and lastly a A20B-0009-0760 which is a MD1/DPL. Hence this CRT/MDI is a MDI, MD1, Operator rolled into one control station for the Fanuc SYSTEM 3T. This unit is setup for symbolic FAPT for the Fanuc 3 system.

DNC do carry the complete CRT/MDI unit as well offer the individual components that make up the SYSTEM 3T panel such as the CRT monitor and the keyboards listed above which are in stock.

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