At one point we had over 5000 Siemens parts in stock. Due to matters that happen within companies these system boards, drives, motors and various other parts were skipped.

Alas, we stripped our 840D test rig and have over the years amassed 6SN series Siemens drives from both 200VAC and 400VAC systems. Our current stocks include drive ranges with the prefix 6RA, 6RB and 6SC from 610 and 611 series.

Futher an inventory of Siemens motors from 1FK, 1FT, 1PH, 1HU series of motor models. Both drives and motors have limited 3 month warranty. Further we offer no repair or testing services on these parts. We can recommend companies that do!

Lastly we build our own in-house replacement Siemens monitors. The monitors replace Siemens CRT displays from systems 3, 6, 8, 805, 810, 820, 840C, 850, 880 and others.

Original price was: £23.00.Current price is: £20.00.
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Out of stock