Fanuc Alpha i servo motors, I, is, Mi, Mis, etc are the latest Fanuc servo motor models, with red caps and a complete new range of Fanuc Alpha I Servo drive modules too run with. The Fanuc ai servo motor series are driven by the latest Alpha I and I HV servo amplifier units. Part of the huge legacy of Fanuc red cap AC servo motors, the Fanuc Alpha I models whether high voltage motors or not, carry on from the earlier incarnations, such as the Alpha servo motors, S series servo motors and 1st generation AC servo model. The Alpha I series surfaced c. 2005 onwards model αM3i, α4i, αis4, aM4i, α8i, αis8, αM8i, α12i, αis12, αM12i, α22i, αis22, αM22i, α30i, αis30, αM30i, α50i, αis50, αM50i are the main ratings with either a 3000 rpm or 4000 rpm version as a non HV high voltage, and 4000 or 5000 rpm as a a HV i servo motor. Of couse the Fanuc ai servo motor use incremental and absolute encoders. DNC carry’s a large stock of Fanuc Alpha I servo motors. 12 month warranty’s on repair and exchange Fanuc Alpha I servo motors.

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