Fanuc BETA Motor models. Including β / βi GE FANUC BETA servo motors series dating from 1994 onwards carrying on from the small earlier non BETA AC motors. Which has partially lead to the success of FANUC selling many millions of the red cap servo motors. Fanuc BETA servo motors are models such as the early β series such as b0.5/3000, b1/3000, b2/3000, b3/3000, b6/2000. Moving onto the later βi models such as B2/4000, b4/4000iS, biS12/3000 and BiS22/3000. Within the various BETA motors that we carry or support there are many variations such as different encoders from INC and ABS and straight or tapered shafts and whether the motors have a brake. Motors from DNC carry 12 month warranty and offer testing of the motor on a Fanuc test rig, complete overhaul, bearings, clean and paint, rebuild and rewind of the BETA servi motor.