• ALPHA b0.5/2000 Servo Motor.
  • A06B0034B677, A06B-0034-B677#R
  • A06B-0034-B677#7000, A06B-0034-B677#7008
  • Fault diagnosis and testing available.
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Model b0.5 /2000 Fanuc BETA Servo Motor A06B-0034-B677. This motor series stats are the following: 3 phase 199V @ 133Hz, Max 2000 RPM motors, with a tapered shaft, with brake, and with IP67 standard seals fitted onto the b0.5/2000 motors. Of this generation the 0034 BETA series red cap Model b0.5/2000 motor was fitted on small to medium sized machine tool.

DNC offer new and used refurbished motors with warranty on an exchange basis (assuming in stock). Testing, fault diagnosis, rebuild and repair of the A06B-0034-B677 is possible, including encoder, bearings, new seals, shafts, front and end shields and more.

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