CRT Monitors superior to LCD displays

CRT Monitors superior to LCD displays.


It is a misconception to think that CRT monitors are inferior to LCD display technology. CRT is an acronym for cathode ray tubes. Certainly an older, and technically inferior product regarding resolution/refresh rates. CRT were normally fitted with analogue electronics (chassis), for digital systems LCD screens is necessary. Though LCD is the future here is some points about CRT that cannot be ignored. Consider it a homage to technical expertise of the past.

  1. Longevity: FANUC CRT monitors have been going since the late 70’s in the Fanuc 5, system 3 and 6. Up to 40 years. We know as we occasionally see them. Some of our own CRT replacements have been out in the field for over 20 years. LCD’s have been around since the mid 90’s and have gone through many iterations, such as CCFL, LED.
  2. Signal: CRT based technology is more forgiving for dealing with harmonics and signal drift from the graphics output. LCD/LED is not and can need a tweak.
  3. Viewing angle: CRT’s do not have a sweatspot angle and can be viewed from any reasonable angle visible; LCD’s in the first few generations were awful, but though improved are not as visible off varying angle as CRTs.
  4. Backlights: There is a serious restriction on backlights available for older generation of panels; meaning a complete LCD replacement panel or retrofit.
  5. Throwaway: LCD panels and the technology as a whole is a throwaway technology, similar to white goods. No sooner has the latest generation of LCD’s been released have they ceased production and been replaced by a new UBER variant that is not backwards compatible. CRT technology was built to last.

In summation the world has gone LCD nuts. Whatever your brew; whether a die hard CRT fanatic or following the zeitgeist. DNC offers solutions either way. From LCD only solutions for our colour replacement FANUC monitors, through to LCD and CRT based options for our monochrome monitors for FANUC systems.