Common Reasons for Fanuc Motor Failures

Common FANUC motor failures

The top eight common reasons for Fanuc Motor Failures.

Fanuc Motor Failures

Electrical Over time components break down. Therefore broken or faulty connections, short wiring etc. can be an issue.
Electronic Encoder faults, memory battery failure, faulty components on the PCB. Liquid ingression due to coolants, oil, fluids and waters.
Moisture and Dirt Contamination from oil and fluid can affect the bearings, the encoder, the electrics of the motor. Also the integrity of the windings. Moisture can cause component deterioration through rust.
Mechanical Faults Out of balance rotors, shaft keyway or coupling failure and motor brake wear. All of these are causes of mechanical faults.
Improper Installation If the belt is too tight or the positioning if off this can cause the motor to break down.
Bad Drive or Power Supply A bad drive or power supply can cause a spike in voltage.  As can introducing too high a current to a motor through human error. All this will cause damage to the drive.
Lack of Maintenance Proper maintenance and applying a preventative maintenance plan can extend the lifespan of both components and the motor.
Overwork Like everything in life the more it is overworked the shorter the lifespan!

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