All Fanuc control systems from the very early 2000, 3000 series to the latest 0i-MF/TF and 3xi-B controllers are dependent on Fanuc memory. Since Fanuc’s inception the controls are industrial computers programmed in a varient of pascal utilising various types of memory.

Earlier controls including the SYSTEM 3, 5 used CMOS memory with pre x86 processors utilising tapereaders for program storage. Fanuc 6, 11 and 15 were dependent on BMU bubble memory units and eproms for ROM read-only memory. Later series used a mix of static memory such as ROM /  FROM and dynamic memory based on RAM random access memory.

RAM allows operating systems via the processor to access to programs and data in current use. Fanuc as many computer manufacturers have used volitile ram in its many evolving guises. Types of memory including SRAM, DRAM, VRAM, FROM and CMOS listed earlier too name a few.

Lastly PCMCIA or Flash memory stored on PCMCIA cassette’s or cards. Fanuc have been a significant supporter of the Flash cards for controls from the 15,16,18,21 through the i series into the current system series. Currently we carry replacement PCMCIA slots. Contact us for more information.

At DNC we carry original BMU cards, replacements for BMU cards for upgrading storage capacity. Memory boards for Fanuc series 0-C, 0-D, 15, 16, 18 and 21 controls. As well SMD memory modules for 15i, 16i, 18i, 21i and so on. Further we can test the controls for hardware related memory issues.

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