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Fanuc A06B-0314 AC Model 5S Servo Motor. The 5S electrical ratings are: 5.9Nm TRQ, 5.8 Amp, 3 phase 126V, 2000RPM motor. DNC offer exchange, repair, rebuild and rewind as well testing facilities for all 5S series of servo motors. These motors are controlled and powered by to the S-Series servo amplifiers and motors. They can also be driven by C-Series amplifiers.

This motor series can have many variations from tapered or straight shaft no brake or braked. Various types of encoders from black cap metal through plastic to red capped pulse coders. Covering incremental, absolute and various types of serial encoders. The 5S has two other variant series the 5S/1500 and the later 5S/3000 which were normally fitted with SER coders.

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