Monochrome Mazak and Okuma monitors no longer supported.


DNC Electronics announces with regret that as of today, Aug 7th 2023; the ceasation of support, repair or any service for the following Mazak 9 and 12 inch displays. Only the older monochrome Mazak and Oukam monitors namely; Mitsubishi MDT1216, MDT925PS and MDT962B-1A and any varient off; further the 12 inch color CRT for Mazak machines C-3240LP displays and any internal part codes used by Mazak or Mazatrol or Mitsubishi.

Mazak started using monochrome 9 and 12 inch CRT displays at the start of the 80’s meaning in the case of the MDT925 and MDT1216 these are 40+ years of age. Though some Mazak’s of that vintage are still running today a statement of build quality of the machine and CNC control and drives, etc. They are few and far between nowadays.

We currently still support colour C-3470 and C5470, MDT1283B-1A and varients, 8DSP-40 and the CDT14148B and varients. All monitors built at DNC carry a two year warranty.

Okuma TR-9DD1B

We only have one Matsushita TR-9DD1B monitor for Okuma left. Once its sold; then that will be the ceasation of the last Okuma monitor that we offer any services upon. Originally we supported over 10 different monitors from Okuma machine tools.