Heidenhain Monochrome displays no longer supported.


DNC Electronics announces with sadness that as of today, May 2nd 2023; the ceasation of support, repair or any service for Heidenhain 12 inch monochrome monitors, displays, screens and associated parts. Including BE212, BE212B, BE412, BE412B displays and corresponding ID codes used by Heidenhain.

Heidenhein relkeased the 12 inch mono displays from the early 80’s making some screens over 40 years old. Though some of the machine tools are still running today which is a testiment to the design of both the control system and quality of the machine; the numbers of orders for these less popular monitors have decreased remarkedly.

We currently still support colour BC series Heidenhain monitors including the Farbe BC110, BC110B and the BC120 covering series TNC406, 415, 426 backed by two year warranty.