• 13 inch green TR13DG1C
  • Same day / 24 hour repair possible
  • Fitted on FANUC SYSTEM 3T
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Matsushita TR-13DG1C monitors. This display is a 13″ CRT monitor built under license by Matsushita for Fanuc, before Fanuc started assigning their A61L codes to the monitors built under license for them. The unit fits on the Fanuc SYSTEM 3T control system, and within the A02B-0057-C008 CRT/MDI to name one. DNC have supported this monitor since 1994 and is one of the earliest monitors that we have offered services upon; including service exchange, testing and repair. We do not offer replacement services on this monitor, as it has very unique metalwork that no other Fanuc monitor shape is the same and the amount of enquiry is limited.

DNC currently stock the TR13DG1C monitor for exchange, and have the necessary Fanuc system 3T to test the monitor properly if you are unsure. Contact us for more information.

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