97-3108B-22-22S Kit


Fanuc a12 / a22 Power Plug (AMPHENOL)

  • Connector sold as a complete set including:
  • 97-3108B-22-22S (4 Pin Power)
  • 97-3057-1012 (Size 12 Clamp)
  • 97-79-513-12 (Size 12 Bushing)

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97-3108B-22-22S Kit

FANUC a12/a22 Power Plug (elbow) complete kit with cable clamp and bushing. The 97-3108B-22-22S (connector only) is supplied seperate from the clamp (97-3057-1012) and the bushing (97-79-513-12). Which is a pain to order, especially from different sources. This amphenol connector fits Fanuc a12 and a22 series AC servo motors.

At DNC we carry these connectors and consider the connector, cable clamp and bushing as one part; as Amphenol did quite some time ago before the 97 series (5015 style connectors) replaced the  MS series (which are exactly the same).

Please note we only sell the complete kit.



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