Extensive stock of Fanuc Alpha Servo motor models, currently numbering in the hundreds. Including ALPHA servo motors series dating from 1994 onwards carrying on from the earlier non alpha AC motors. Which has lead to the success of FANUC selling so many millions of the red cap servo motors. Fanuc ALPHA servo motors are models such as a1/3000, a2/2000, a2/3000, aM2.5/3000, a3/3000, aC3, aC6, aC12, aC22, a6/2000, a6/3000, a12/2000, a12/3000, a22/2000, a22/3000, a30/1200, a30/2000, a30/3000, a40/2000 and so on. Of these motors they carry many more variations than the previous generation due to the amount of different encoders from old serial C, to INC/ABS and other variations. The motors themselves can have straight or tapered shafts (special cuts), key or non keyed, braked or not. Motors from DNC carry 12 month warranty and offer testing of the motor/encoder on a Fanuc test rig, complete overhaul, bearings, clean and paint, rebuild and rewind of the motor. Click here if you need FANUC ALPHA servo amplifier module ?

Original price was: £3,000.00.Current price is: £2,600.00.