FANUC A02B-0260-C021

  • Contains A90L-0001-0488
  • SanAce92 9GA0924P4G031
  • Fan Dimensions: 92*92*25
  • Battery on 15i, 0i-MB 2 slot cabinet
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Fanuc A02B-0260-C021 fan used within Fanuc i series CNC controls. This fan is comprised of 1 fans (A90L-0001-0488) fitted into a Fan housing at the top of the CNC. The Fan Unit Battery in a 2 slot, 4 slot, 6 slot which are 112MM wide for each 2 slot cabinet. The fans themselves (Sanyo Denki SanAce92 or NMB-MAT series) come with the housing as a whole. DNC can supply the complete Fan Unit (stock permitting) or the Fan if your prepared to deal with the cabling issues internally within the housing.

The Fan Unit is used in many Fanuc controls, such as 15i-MA controls and 0i-TB (A02B-0299-B802) dual slot units, which are not fitted behind LCD.

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