FANUC A06B-6220-H015#H600

  • ALPHA i A06B6220H015
  • 74Amp Spindle Amp Testing
  • aiSP 15-B Servo Amplifier
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FANUC A06B-6220-H015#H600 aiSP 15-B spindle amplifier module. Manufactured from 2017 onwards; these model 15 servo amplifier model numcer is aiSP 15-B. The drive contains the -B spindle control pcb A20B-2102-067x pcb and power board A17B-2000-0203.

DNC offer extensive testing on Fanuc ALPHA i spindle modules, via either our 0i-MF+ controller. Too ensure that fault finding and testing after repair is done properly rather than assuming that parts might work, etc. Prices listed are for exchange only, though repair can be a cheaper option if machine downtime is not such a critical issue. The H015 belongs to the second -B generation 6200 series Fanuc ai 200VAC ai spindle amplifier labeled as servo amplifier module, but with the aiSP 15-B model code. This version of unit for the late 6200 series drives is a 74 amp output.

Note: They’re are two INCOMPATIBLE versions of this SPINDLE AMPLIFIER with the same part number A06B-6220-H015#H600. Its the model code that changes aiSP 15-B or aiSP 15 which seperates the two; as the -B is for the later 0i-MF+; 31/32/35-B controls.

If you are unsure if your aiSP 15-B spindle amplifier is faulty; then consult our Fanuc aiSP alarm pages

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