Fanuc ALPHA i spindle amplifier modules. DNC carry extensive stocks of Fanuc aiSP spindle module series from early versions such as the 6111 aiSP (TYPE-1) or 6112 SPMi (Type-2) 6116 aiC or SPMCi and the high voltage versions the 6121 and the 6122 type A and type B respectively. Powered by Running with aiPS power supply modules and running with aiSV servo amplifiers. The next generation had updated power and control pcb as well backward compatible to the earlier ALPHA i series spindle drives. Onto the latest release of the 62xx series which has the 200VAC 6220 ALPHA spindle amplifier and the 400VAC 6270 spindle amp for CNC machine tools without large 3ph transformers. DNC offers extensive testing facilities for most aiSP spindle modules and carries large stocks as well offers same day testing or next day urgent aiSP repair capabilities for modules not in stock.

Original price was: £3,000.00.Current price is: £2,675.00.
Original price was: £3,750.00.Current price is: £2,675.00.