FANUC A06B-6270-H030#H600

  • ALPHA i A06B6270H030 in stock
  • Runs with 0iD, 0iF controls.
  • aiSP 30HV Servo Amplifier
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Need a Fanuc A06B-6270-H030#H600 spindle module ? Call us now for stock and services available for this aiSP 30HV spindle amplifier which Fanuc started manufacturing in 2011.

DNC offer extensive testing on Fanuc ALPHA i power modules, via either our 0ixD control system of which we can ensure that fault finding and testing after repair is done properly. Rated output is 71A between 0Hz to 1.5KHz.

Our pricelist is the exchange only price, repair is usually a cheaper option. The A06B6270H030 belongs to the new high voltage 400V class of 62xx series spindle amplifiers or as they are known in the 62xx series labeled as servo module. This spindle drive has the designation aiSP45HV code and #H600 spindle software.


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