FANUC A20B-2100-0800

  • Exchange aiSP Series drives in stock
  • Type 1 or A spindle control PCB.
  • This board is not supplied separately
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Fanuc A20B-2100-0800 ALPHA i Spindle Module Control PCB. This Type A PCB is normally fitted in aiSP I series modules. This board is fitted upon ai spindle amplifier modules either 200V or high voltage and the range from 2.2kW to 100HVi and powered by the relevant ALPHA i Power Supply usually running with servo drives aiSV.

NOTE: DNC do not offer A20B-2100-0800 alpha i spindle command card separately from the complete Type 1 interface spindle amplifier module. There are many reasons, but the most important is we offer a complete unit intact with the control PCB and the wiring PCB and fully tested by ourselves on our Fanuc test rigs with a 180 day warranty. Click on the links if you require a 200 VAC Fanuc ALPHA SPMi or 400 VAC Fanuc aiSP HV series spindle amplifier module, put your part number in the search bar above.

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