FANUC A06B-6127-H209

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  • Fault diagnosis, testing on SVM2-80/80iHRV.
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Fanuc A06B-6127-H209 Servo Amplifier Module. This aiSV-80/80HRV generation is a high voltage GE Fanuc servo amp used within various machines. This 400V Alpha i series dual channel servo amplifier powered from the 6120 was controlled by 30i, 31i, 0i and late 16/18iB controls. Normally the aiSV-80/80HRV drives the 8i/3000HV too 22i/3000HV model Fanuc i Servo motors.

The A06B6127H209 I FSSB is in stock. Currently available brand new boxed, or refurbished exchange; and our normal test repair services also available. Can ship today on order or upfront payment. Warranty is 12 months for New outright / exchange parts. 180 day warranty on refurbished exchange or repairs. Exchange for speed (delivery same day or the fastest possible route to your factory) and repair if cost is more important than time considerations. Contact us for more information on pricing on test costs, repair costs, sale cost and our exchange cost.

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