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Fanuc ai servo amplifier module. DNC carry extensive stocks of Fanuc aiSV servo module from 1st generation series of 6114 aiSV / SVMi  and the 6117 HRV3 for 30i controls, and their high voltage brethren 6124 and the 6127 series aiSV-HV. These servo modules have been the mainstay of the ALPHA i series throughout many different series of aiPS power supply and aiSP spindle modules too the release of the 62x series of ALPHA i modules. 200VAC 6240 series FANUC aiSV servo amplifier modules and the 400VAC high voltage 6290 servo drives which allow CNC manufacturers in certain parts of the world to forgo large and expensive 3ph transformers. DNC offers testing facilities for most aiSV servo amplifier modules and as mentioned large stocks and same day, next day urgent aiSV repair capability for modules not in stock.

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