FANUC A06B-6240-H211

  • ALPHA i A06B6240H211 Servo
  • Same Day / 24 hour repair possible
  • Testing of aiSV 160/160
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Fanuc A06B-6240-H211 ALPHA i Servo Amplifier Module. This aiSV 160/160 generation is a dual channel L/M i series Servo amp heavily used. This series twin ai servo amp runs with the later post 2011 I version of Fanuc CNC controls; namely 0i-D and 3xi.

This aiSV version of the FSSB Servo is rated at 45A per axis, and can drive various configurations of ai servo motors. There are two major versions of aiSV manufacturers under the A06B-6240-H211 part number. Early versions from 2011-2016 denoted as model aiSV 160/160 and post 2016 model aiSV 160/160-B with the later servo software for later controls such as the 0iF plus and 3xi-B controls.

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