FANUC A06B-6098-H111

  • ALPHA PSM-18HV spindle
  • Cont: A16B-2203-0220
  • Wiring: A20B-1007-0200 + A20B-2002-0530
  • Same Day Testing on this AMP.
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Fanuc A06B-6098-H111 ALPHA power supply module. An unusual module for low powered high voltage applications. Normally runs with small twin axis HV drives or small single channel drives from the 400VAC series. Inside the drive contains A16B-2203-0220 control pcb; and the power section is A20B-1007-0200 and A20B-2002-0530; none available seperate from the complete ALPHA PSM-18HV module.

Currently we offer testing and repair facilities on this A06B6098H111 power module. Including same day testing and 24 hour turnaround fix / repair policy on this drive. Check our alarms page for this series of power supply module and contact us if you think this PSM is suspect or know that its faulty in need of repair.



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