FANUC A20B-0009-0534

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Fanuc A20B-0009-0534 spindle control board. This PCB fits on FANUC AC spindle servo units. Known as SP or spindle amplifers or better yet Fanuc spindle drives; these units are controlled by this analogue control card. Fitted on A06B-6044 series drives. The 6044 series amplifier was Fanuc’s first AC drive regardless of axis, spindle or servo.

These A20B00090534 boards are available today for service exchange. Further we offer extensive testing and repair facilities on these PCB’s and the drives that they are fitted upon. Please visit our Fanuc AC spindle alarms page for details on the LED fault indicators on this PCB. If you believe you have a fault with this drive; other parts of the Fanuc system or other drive units. Then call, email us or use the site contact form to obtain pricing and information on our services and parts.

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