AC Spindle Unit Alarms

Fanuc AC Spindle Unit Alarms and Error Codes

Fanuc AC Spindle Unit Alarms. These Fanuc AC Spindle unit alarms and fault/error coders cover series A06B-6044, A06B-6052, A06B-6055 and other early AC spindle servo units.

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IMPORTANT: 6044 & 6052 series spindle amplifiers ALARM via LED’s on the control PCB with digits 1, 2, 4, 8 next to the LED’s themselves. On the 6055 control pcb’s similar to later AC spindle drives i.e. S, I and Serial; it displays alarms on a 5 * 7 segment LED strip.

Alarm Code Description of Alarm/Error
1 Motor is overheated ( theromostat operates)
2 Speed is deviated from the command value due to overload and other.
3 Fuse 7 in DC link is blown out.
4 Fuses F1, F2, or F3 in AC input circuit are blown out.
5 Fuse AF2 or AF3 on PCB is blown out.
6 The motor speed exceeds the maximum rated speed( analog system detection).
7 The motor speed exceeds the maximum rated speed( digital system detection)
8 Power voltage ( +24V is higher than specified.
9 Radiator for power semiconductors is overheated.
10 +15V power voltage is abnormally low.
11 DC link voltage is abnormally high.
12 DC link current is flowing excessively.
13 CPU and peripheral parts are defective.
14 ROM is defective.
15 Option circuit is in trouble.
16 CPU defective.
17 NVRam issues.