FANUC A20B-0009-0537

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  • Fault diagnosis, testing on 6044 .
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FANUC A20B-0009-0537 spindle control board. The spindle controller pcb is an analogue card controller the first generation of AC spindle servo units from Fanuc. These units were the sucessor to Fanuc DC spindle units (6041) which we no longer support. However we extensive support his board and the A06B-6044 series that this PCB belongs too.

If you need this A20B00090537 board, we at DNC offer extensive services including exchange available for shipping today. Including service exchange of many of the A06B-6044-H0xx AC spindle drives. As well comprehensive cleaning, testing and repair/rebuild services for this pcb and its associated drive. Please find fault information on this page: Fanuc AC Spindle (analog) faults for information on common alarms on this series of drive. If you require information about our prices or services, please contact us on the phone, via email or use our site contact form (all info above).

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