FANUC A06B-6044-H009

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  • Same Day Test / 24 hour repair possible
  • Model M-8 8kW AC spindle servo unit
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Fanuc A06B-6044-H009 Fanuc AC Spindle Drive Unit. Unbeknown to most this generation of AC spindle drive was the first of FANUC’s AC drives. This 8kW spindle was controlled via analogue interface from the control system. Normally fitted with a late Fanuc SYSTEM 6BII or 10, 11 controls. The SP-8 was not a particuarly popular drive fitted by machine tool manufacturers.

This analogue spindle drive unit was normally fitted on small lathes or larger machining centre’s. The drive has A20B-0009-0530 spindle drive boards and A50L-0001-0109 transistors, and fuses which are all available seperately.

Why order A06B-6044-H009 from DNC ?

Firstly the A06B6044H009 is in stock. Available upon order/payment to be shipped today via DPD, TNT or UPS. With over 20 years of repairing and testing this drive – since the 1990’s; we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the drive, its control ciruit and the common and not so common faults and their cause(s). Becuase you are dealing direct with Europe’s #1 independent Fanuc specialist rest assured we can back you up with stock parts, testing and repairs on all the Fanuc parts that we support.

We also offer a 24 hour repair turnaround service which is just beyond any of our competitions offerings; and further they will charge more under ‘urgent / rush’ terms. We have all the components, parts required to affect the repair promply.

If you are unsure whether your drive is problematic then look on the control PCB for the lite LED indicators and check our FANUC Spindle Alarms page. If unsure contact your trusted CNC service engineer or call us and we can hopefully recommend an engineer in your area. Alternatively arrange shipment of your part to us and we can strip, clean, inspect and report back our findings. Call us for more information on A06B-6044-H009 exchange price, test and repair or outright sale!

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