FANUC A06B-6052-H003

  • Exchange A06B6052H003 in stock
  • 24 hour test / repair possible
  • SP3 amplifier for model M3 motor
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FANUC A06B-6052-H003 spindle amplifier drive in stock. This small SP-3 analogue spindle drive is the first too use yellow plastic case. These M-3 spindle units contain A16B-1100-0080 control PCB and a wiring board: A16B-1100-0092 (power pcb not available seperate from complete drive). As well Fanuc transistors, fuses and if stock permits the complete 52-H003 spindle drive.

A06B6052H003 is in stock. Available exchange for immediate dispatch (faulty unit must be economically repairable, in good physical condition and non interfered with). Alternatievely ship your unit in for inspection, test and repair then we can quote on what we find. Contact for prices and all services we offer on these spindle drives.

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