FANUC A06B-6064-H303

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  • Same Day / 24 hour repair possible
  • Serial spindle 3kW – 3s motors
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Fanuc A06B-6064-H303 AC Spindle Amplifier Drive. This varient Serial spindle model 3S was the last generation of the 6064 series of serial Fanuc AC spindle servo units. Normally fitted on small but more expensive machine tool requiring higher tolerances in the precicion machining of various metals. This drive is unusual even within its own series of amplifiers in that its made up of three PCB’s splitting the inverter / amplifier circuits apart. Novel in itself, but meant these drives had lenghty duration out in the field as they didn’t suffer the cramming of hot components with sensitive devices. The bottom PCB, also known as the wiring card sits above the power components such as capacitors, transistors, rectifiers, etc. On the wiring board was tracks for below and input/output 3 phase power circuits. The middle board known as A16B-2100-0070 is the firing board which does all of the bridge rectification and the power control section. Lastly the logic board A16B-2200-0670 communicates via serial over fiber optic with the control system. The spindle control pcb also connects to the spindle speed, orientation feedback to relay onto the CNC system.

At DNC we offer many services for the A06B-6064-H303 spindle drive. As a result you can expect to save money and time. With either our exchange available to ship today or our repair turnaround currently at 24 hours. Further we also supply replacement parts such as Fuji transistors, fuses and the control PCB. All other PCB’s are only supplied when the complete unit is order.

Currently A06B-6064-H303 is in stock available exchange, call to order. If your experiencing faults on your drive, but unsure if the drive is at fault then check our alarm page for AC Serial spindles. Alternavitely contact us via phone or email; and if we can’t assist then we can recommend CNC service engineers whom can help.

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